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Martin Mystery is an Italian comic book created by the artist Max Bunker (writer) and Mauro Boselli (illustrator). The comics were published in Italy by Sergio Bonelli Editore beginning in 1993.

The Martin Mystery series was very popular, especially among children. An animated television series named “Martin Mystère” ran for 26 episodes on Rai 2 from September 6, 1997 to February 19, 1998. It then moved to Rai 1 where no new episodes aired until 2000 when it started airing reruns until 2002. The second season of 22 episodes aired on Rai 2 in 2003-2004. The show was also dubbed into English and broadcast in North America on Fox Kids during its first two seasons to August 30, 2001, before moving to Fox Box.

New episodes of the show were planned for release in 2011, but it was announced that they will not be produced for financial reasons.

About Martin Mystery

The series follows teenager Martin Mystery and his friend Diana Lombard as they investigate strange phenomena around the world, which are usually caused by Myth creatures, aliens, or various beings from different myths or legends. These cases are always related to a mysterious “Third World”, where mythological creatures live unknown to humans. They often have to save humanity without being seen by people outside The Third World, using gadgets invented by their friend Java, who lives inside their computer system.

Martin’s enemies include his half-brother Norman Hyde and his mother Olivia Mystery, both of whom work for CRYMCO (Creatures Ruining Young Martin’s Life Company).

martin mystery

The universe of Martin Mystery is made up of two worlds: our own, which we know and perceive as the only reality, and “the Third World”, an alternate universe containing otherworldly beings. In order to keep this alternate universe a secret from humans, its inhabitants live in hiding and try not to leave any traces of their existence behind in the human world. The Third World has another side known as “Inferna” where evil creatures live. Most inhabitants of this world are based on creatures from legends and myths such as dragons, ogres, or djinns, but others are original creations such as Walter Melon and his family.

The people living in the Third World are anthropomorphic animals, but when they cross the border to our world, they usually take on human form.

The inhabitants of this universe have no connection with magic in any way, even though their world may seem magical. This is because there is always a scientific explanation behind every phenomenon that happens in this world, although it is not always revealed in the course of the series. For example, dragons breathe fire because their bodies contain chemicals that ignite upon contact with air; zombies move and act like living beings because they are remote-controlled by aliens; werewolves only change under the influence of the full moon (in one episode however Martin sees his mother turn into a werewolf while she’s chasing someone).

Only humans can enter the Third World, as the mythological creatures usually live in a world of their own. You can only access the “hidden” part of this world by using an artifact from the Third World, such as a magic lamp or a special talisman. If someone is accidentally dragged into this universe, they will be trapped there unless someone from our side brings them back. In some cases, however, it has been seen that humans who have been brought into the Third World manage to return after learning about its existence and acquiring magical objects from there.

In order to prevent people from being aware of the existence of this alternate universe, most inhabitants of the Third World try to avoid crossing paths with humans whenever possible and not use any kind of magic when they need to show themselves. For example, the werewolves change once a month under the full moon and the extraterrestrials use special glasses that make humans forget their encounters with them.

The Third World is divided into territories that are populated by different mythological creatures associated with each territory (the wolf pack lives in Canada, sea monsters live in the ocean, etc.). The creatures living in these areas know each other and sometimes cooperate to keep an eye on the human world or solve problems related to their own world or even humanity itself. This helps them deal with supernatural occurrences caused by dark forces such as CRYMCO and Walter Melon’s family.

When it comes to relations within their own realm, all members of this society are usually very suspicious of each other and try to keep on the good side of those above them and avoid the wrath of those whose territory they cross. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone is against each other: on several occasions we see, for example, a werewolf and a vampire working together (though of course these alliances only last as long as their interests converge), or someone from Walter Melon’s family seeking advise from an ogre, etc.

Rules Governing Interaction Between Humans and Inhabitants of The Third World

In Martin Mystery there are certain rules governing interaction between humans and inhabitants of the Third World:

Before “Martin Mystery” began broadcast in France, it was first published as four graphic novels written by Gaby Chiappe and drawn by Alain Maury: “Terreur à Paris”, “Les Yeux des Ténèbres”, “La Fosse aux Loups”, and “Le Chien Verre”. These were published by Delcourt between 2005 and 2006. A fifth volume, never released in France, was written by Hélène Boudet and drawn by Alexandro Jodorowsky: “L’Archer de la Nuit”.

Martin Mystery TV Show

Besides the four comics that preceded it, there is no other link between this new television series and the previous ones. The main character of the show Martin Mystery is a very adolescent boy who looks more like a thirteen-year-old than an eleven-year-old as he appears in his original comic book adventures. There are some changes to the artwork as well but it still has its own unique American manga style.

The show is set in New York City and follows a young boy, Martin, who has a knack for solving mysteries with his friends Diana Lombard and Java the Caveman. The three work as agents of a secret organization named MID (Mysteries Inc.) which investigates mysterious phenomena around the world. Martin’s main talent lies in his vast knowledge of monsters and myths from all over the planet as well as access to advanced alien technology he got from his inventor uncle Virgil after the death of his parents during a mission for MID. Because of this knowledge he often finds ways to make quick work of any supernatural foes they might encounter. On many occasions the other two kids prove very useful as well because Diana has a huge crush on Martin, so she’ll do anything to get what she wants from him. And Java uses his strength and brute force to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.

Together they travel the world trying to stop evil criminal masterminds who plan on using ancient mythological creatures for their own malicious purposes. They have faced many different challenges including being shrunk down by a giant spider, fighting a dragon in search of a mythical treasure, going up against an army of robots sent by an evil genius, dealing with the ghosts of dead pirates wanting revenge for being cheated out of their buried treasure, etc. Even though Martin is only eleven years old he has already traveled all over the world facing dangers no one else could have escaped without serious injury or death.

First Season of The Show

Sometime during the first season of the show Martin, while visiting his uncle in Tibet, receives a phone call from Diana who is very scared. She tells him about strange sounds coming from her grandfather’s house and someone breaking into it. Martin tries to calm her down but she hangs upon him. Soon after that, he gets another call this time from Java who says that he saw someone go inside the Lombard mansion as well. Even though they are very far apart both kids agree to enter their homes respectively through different door locks still don’t make any noise so nobody will suspect anything. Once inside they split up and try to find out what exactly is going on. While looking for clues in each room we learn more about the characters themselves: Diana was always interested in myths and monsters, especially since she has a huge crush on Martin. Java is an orphan who never had any kind of family so he’s very happy to be part of MID. And the mysterious villian, Krieger Blackwood, who kidnapped Diana later turns out to be Virgil’s brother! As soon as they find out that their homes are invaded they call for help from other members of staff at MID but nobody makes it in time before Krieger’s goons catch them.

They are tied up together and suspended above a pool filled with man-eating piranha fish. But luckily the rest of the staff arrives only seconds too late because Krieger was about to push one button on his super-computer which would’ve dropped all of them into the pool. Martin uses his new watch to call for help and gets some special shoes made by MID’s top scientist: Edison, who is a robot. Martin and his friends finally escape unscathced and Krieger has to flee as well. But he vows revenge on both kids one day…

Martin says goodbye to Virgil before taking new gadgets from him but instead of thanking him he just walks away as if it was nothing important. Java joins the other two on their way home and they continue doing what they do best: solving mysterious stuff around New York City! “Mysteries Inc.” isn’t your average Saturday morning cartoon show with wacky humor, cheap slapstick gags, boring self-parody, etc. It has a very unique storyline for a cartoon show targeted at kids and is aimed squarely at adults, especially those who grew up watching shows like “Detective Conan”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Scooby-Doo” or similar. As if it wasn’t enough that the mysteries are really mysterious, Martin himself can be described as nothing less than how Caledonia describes him in their Celtic Mythology essay :

He is not only physically strong but also brave, intelligent, kind-hearted, and has an amazing ability to control his huge power. He’s always ready to help people who are weaker than himself – even animals feel safe with this hero around! But he never gets any rewards because he never expects them in the first place.

You can find Martin Mystery info on Wikipedia or IMDB. This site has an episode guide that seems to be up-to-date and a decent discussion forum with nice people there just waiting to talk about their most favorite cartoon show ever created! Go check it out!

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